Jenkins Waterscapes | Building Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

Bringing the Indoors Out

Outdoor living has become a way of life here in sunny Austin, Texas.  Outdoor living is more than just a swimming pool…it is creating a space where every generation can sit and enjoy the outdoor living space whether swimming or not.  This involves creating cooler, shady spaces where those not swimming can sit or lounge with a tall, cool drink.  In doing so, the simplest way to make the spaces flow and create cooler, shady spaces is to extend the indoor elements into the outdoor living spaces.

At Jenkins Waterscapes, we believe the Outdoor Living Space is as important, sometimes even more important, than the indoor living spaces.  Some of us do all our entertaining in our outdoor living spaces.  So, when designing an outdoor living space, we approach it just like an indoor space.  We evaluate how the space will be used, whether for entertaining or just family get-togethers.  These factors will influence the design of the outdoor living space, along with the views, topography of the site, and style of the existing home.

It is important that the space is used and enjoyed, but it is equally important that it is naturally beautiful.  Nature is a critical component to a successful outdoor space because plant life brings life to an outdoor space, makes us feel good, and provides shade.  The way in which nature is incorporated into the site is dependent upon the client’s style and preferences.  Plant life can be completely natural and require almost no maintenance or can be the client’s passion, like the neighbor’s rose garden incorporated into a more formal landscape.

Building beautiful waterscapes and outdoor living spaces for over 20 years, Jenkins Waterscapes addresses all these elements and many more into your outdoor living space.